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Home-Based Producers of custom designed wood creations.

Our desire is to bring a piece of the homegrown rustic Adirondack feeling right to your home!

We specialize in freehand signs that are engraved, wood burned, or carved on live edge wood slabs, but we are always open to every creative idea there is out there!


  1. How long has Adirondack Dream Creations Been in Business? - Since 2016.
  2. How many signs have you made? - Currently over 7000.
  3. Where do you ship from? - Brant Lake, NY
  4. Do you ship internationally? - Yes, kindly send us a message for more info.
  5. If I have questions, how can I contact you? - If you are local, please feel free to setup a workshop visit wit us! If not, you can contact us through our Contact Page or email us at info@adkdream.com
  6. How do I send you my custom design request? - Kindly describe as detailed as you can on your order form. Please feel free to send pictures/files for inspiration or designs you would like on your order.
  7. When do I receive my proof for approval? - I will send your proof as soon as possible. No engraving/carving/burning will be done without your final approval. - They are usually sent after your slab is dry and cut to size to ensure the proper proportion of the design. - Your approved proof is the final design that will be made on your product. Please check the details carefully as any errors on the proof will directly reflect on your final product.
  8. Do you ship with insurance? - Yes! ALL items are shipped with insurance.
  9. Do you have a bulk order discount? - Do not hesitate to message us for inquiries, bulk order discount and more options.
  10. What happens after my order is placed? -
    Here is the procedure for all orders to produce your handcrafted orders.

(Order of process may vary depending on wood availability)

  •  acquire logs
  •  mill to slabs
  •  cut to size
  •  3-step sanding
  •  finish sanding
  •  placed in drying
  •  design
  •  engrave/carve/woodburn/paint
  •  finish coat
  • coat drying
  • packaging


How to Order

  • Please place your order from any listing you would like to purchase.

  • Kindly note all your request on your order form. Feel free to type any information you think may help the design process. You can send pictures for inspiration or your own design if preferred.

  • Upon order confirmation, we will send proof for approval before we engrave your slab. We will not engrave it until you completely love your design! :)

  • We ship all orders with insurance for yours and our peace of mind!

  • If you need further help placing your order, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

More Questions?

Feel free to hit the Chat button below or email us at info@adkdream.com with any further questions!

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